First Appearance: September 3, 1984
Last Appearance: May 20, 1993
Portrayer: Julie Osburn, September 3, 1984 - December 5, 1986; May 31, 1989 - June 1, 1989; January 30, 1991 - November 21, 1991; May 20, 1993.
Arrival: (1984) Left her job in New York to visit her family.
(1991) Returned to check up on her cousin Jake McKinnon, who was in a coma.
Departure: (1986) Left to go on an around-the-world honeymoon with Cass Winthrop.
(1991) Left to work in New York's Brava offices.
Introduction Scenes: (1984) Smiley's Diner to Ben McKinnon in response to his question about when she arrived in town, "Now."
(Reintro, 1991) A hospital room, to Jake McKinnon, "Hi, Jake. How you feeling today?"
Exit Scenes: (1986) In a car, to Vince McKinnon, "Shut up and drive."
(1991) On a plane, to a handsome man who offered her a drink, "Sure, what the hell, hold the olive."
Birthday: September 14. (Formerly October 12?).
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Kathleen Mary McKinnon (full name). Her middle name has also been known to be Theresa.

Last Known Whereabouts: New York City, New York.
Other Whereabouts: San Antonio, Texas.
Relatives: Mary McKinnon, mother. Vince McKinnon, father. M.J. McKinnon, sister (11 months older). Ben McKinnon, brother. Cheryl McKinnon, sister. Ray McKinnon (RIP), uncle. Jake McKinnon, cousin. Kevin Anderson, cousin. Katheen has a great-uncle Michael (her grandmother's baby brother), and an uncle Patrick.
Spouses: Cass Winthrop.
Lovers: Joe Barren (RIP) (1987-1991).
Dates: Jamie Frame (1984) and Daniel Gabriel (1985).
Flirtations: Grant Harrison (1991).
Medical History: Was paralyzed from November 1985 - May 1986. Was presumed dead from June 1987 - February 1991. Was in an explosion (1991).
Legal History: Was in the witness relocation program from 1987-1991.
Occupation: Reporter and writer.
Former Occupations: Personal assistant to Felicia Gallant. President of Winthrop Publishing. Singer.

Kathleen Freeze Frames

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