All AWVL material is now being offered as free downloads from storage site Sendspace.

Included as well are AOL/Soapnet rebroadcasts that were available online.

I hope to eventually have every Chrono and Special Series tape converted and made available, as well as discs in the DVD Collection, so check back periodically for updates.

The editing highlights (Chrono and Special Series tapes) are iso files and can either be played directly as such (through a program such as VLC Media Player) or burned to a disc and played on a DVD Player (this site may be helpful). I can also make and mail copies for people unable to do this.

While everything is free, Sendspace charges to enable download limits. It's $10/month for 100GB of downloadable data, $20/month for 300GB, and a per-use after that to top up. If material is unavailable, it's likely the month's data limit has been reached. Please consider donating to my PayPal account ( to unlock data.

For information purposes, here are details about the original five collections: