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The Golden Age - Volume One

May 29, 1964. Second half of episode

Tom and Pat sleep together for the first time.
Jim and Mary celebrate Memorial Day. Poor quality (snow on screen)

November 10, 1964. Full episode

While Tom's dead body is taken away by the police,
Pat arrives home in a daze and speaks to her parents

Alice spins a platter

Ken tells Laura that Tom is dead

Pat listens to Alice's grandiose party plans

Jim and Mary are stunned when the police arrive to question Pat

July 22, 1975. Almost full episode

The 13 minute 24 second Mac and Rachel scene.
Mac begs Rachel to take him back

John and Pat argue about Marianne and Chris

Scott Bradley's very first scene

A sexually charged Mac/Iris confrontation.
Iris is aghast when Beatrice tries to comfort her

Rachel leans on Ada and Gil for support

August 15, 1975. Full episode

Iris isn't averse to letting Dave swim in her pool

The very first party at the Cory mansion, attended by
Barbara, Clarice, Willis, Loretta Simpson, Dave, Gil, Ada, and Neil.
Mac throws Iris out when she crashes the party.
Outcast Iris seeks solace from Dennis

After an argument with Willis, Angie phones Emma at the Frame farm in Chadwell for advice. Sally gets on the phone and makes a pest out of herself

November 26, 1975. Two scenes

Michael gives Marianne some brotherly advice about her relationship with
Chris (played by Stephen Yates, who starred as Jamie Frame from 1983-1985)

Willis, Carol, Robert, and Neil attend
when Vic convenes a meeting of Frame Enterprises