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The Golden Age - Volume Two

May 26, 1976. Two scenes

Robert takes his rage out on Mac's bust and Iris's portrait

Louise isn't of much comfort to Iris when she discovers the wreckage

June 18, 1976. One scene

Jamie helps Dennis flirt with Molly

Also features Gil, Ada, Sally, Rocky, Beatrice

June 21, 1976. Full episode

Mac shows Pat the ropes at Cory Publishing

Glenda and Michael discuss his family's problems,
then Liz comes over to lay a guilt trip on her nephew

Jim offers John some personal and professional assistance

A get-together at Alice's cottage,
where Molly seeks employment for Darryl

Liz is less than polite to trashy Molly

Also features Scott and Pam. Russ and Jim

June 23, 1976. Full episode

In California, Willis convinces Olive to come to Bay City

Ray and Alice double-date with Jim and Beatrice

Willis taunts Sharlene about her old sailor buddies

Sharlene seeks advice from Emma after worrying
that Russ will find out about her past

Also features Carol, Russ, Sharlene. Louise, Brooks, Rachel, Gil, Ada. Liz and John. Alice, Sharlene, Emma, Russ, Jim, Beatrice, and Ray

March 15, 1978. Three scenes

Michael and Pat.
Alice meets with her attorney, Greg.
Angie seeks advice from Ada.
Also features John and Joan

A four and a half minute interview with
Harding Lemay from 1981