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The Golden Age - Volume Three

September 10, 1974. Full episode

VW's girlish voice will boggle your mind

Steve finds no ally in Rachel when he begs John to forgive him

Steve cries on Pat's, then Lenore's, shoulders

But Lenore would rather be in Robert's arms

March - April 1979. Miscellaneous scenes

Clarice is as cool as a cucumber on her wedding day

Lemay toys with the idea of a Rachel/Ted pairing

Brooks is mortified when Louise succumbs to product placement

Does Amanda even remember Louise?

Ada can frost a cake and chastise Rachel about
"that sculpting" of hers at the same time

Brian is happy to let Rachel avail herself of his professional services

Give me breakfast at Ada's with Jamie and Nancy over
any car crash, murder mystery, kidnaping, etc.