Multiple Intelligences Abstracts Database
Developed and Maintained by Clifford Morris

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Many have contributed towards the development of this multiple intelligences (MI) database.  I am grateful for their assistance, comments and suggestions.  While numerous have worked hard to produce this database, I would especially like to acknowledge the following four (4) individuals. 

  1. First, I would like to thank Delphine S. Lewis, the product manager for Dissertations Abstracts International (DAI), for approving my request, specifically, for granting me written permission to use all of the MI citation and abstract records from DAI's much greater database.  Most of the records in this data base have been copied directly from the DAI database.  From the outset, Delphine has shown strong interest in this research assistance program.  Without her support, this database would never have been developed. 

  2. Second, I thank Leonard Fleischer, the web developer at Information Gateways Services.  He generated the web site application that runs this MI database.  He has agreed to continue to host this internet service.  As is often the case with the implementation of novel computer software, there are numerous "bugs" to catch and kill.  Leonard's continual guidance in this area has been valuable. 

  3. Third, I thank the many authors for their numerous hours of MI research and, where applicable, for the successful completion of their graduate degrees.  Their varied fields of educational and psychological research ought to be informative and inspirational to the researcher seeking specific topics for ongoing MI research. 

  4. Finally, on behalf of those who benefit from 6 more intelligent avenues, I thank Howard Gardner.  His MI model has inspired so many to take a new look at the psychological construct termed 'intelligence.

Copyright Comment

As the developer and administrator of this data base, I am are pleased to make these citations and abstract records available to you at no charge.  As I collaborate with a network of others, I am unable to issue blanket permission to repost and redistribute the database records.  Thus, when using ideas or comments from any of the field of the records, please given proper citation and reference.  For example acknowledge Dissertations Abstracts International and Multiple Intelligences Dissertation Database as your source.  Use of any or all of the MI records should be for the purposes of off-line reading, private MI research or personal study and not for resale or commercial gain.  Single copies of MI citations and abstract records may be downloaded, stored on your personal computer, or printed out.  The acknowledgement field at the end of each record must remain intact.

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